17:12 - Getting ready

Packing up my stuff while reviewing my upcoming pitch for tonight.
Be sure to follow #SWBelfort on twitter this weekend!

17:35 - Vital minimum

Bloom effect

22:19 - Pitch is validated, let's go!

Finally got an internet connection, yay!

Few minutes ago, I pitched an idea about gamification, webservices and API. The idea is to develop a web service, backend and frontend that gives developpers from any domain the ability to easily integrate profiles, gamer tags, achievements and badges to their game, application or website.

The team is formed, there's Ludovic Henry and Boris Feld as backend developper, Mohamed Benyoucef as marketing and business plans guru and myself as project lead and frontend developper.

01:23 - Setup

Brainstorm is over, technology is selected. Starting heroku app and .co domain registration.

Soon: Rails, PgSQL, JSON, HTML5, CSS3.

01:57 - .co and Heroku sadness

Having some issues with .co registration and linking the domain to our Heroku app. If anyone is keen on that, help is appreciated!

02:58 - Sleep

Ludovic's rails prototype is already half way through, Boris switched from backend developer to API-frontend linker, and after some brainstorming about the base UI, I'm finally getting a bit of sleep in preparation of tomorrow's challenges.

All is well. Except maybe our .co domain linking. But thanks to our favorite expat ginger's help, we might have a good track.

10:15 - Back to work

Morning! Working on a logotype and and landing page. Still waiting for the domain name.

23:54 - I'm not dead yet

Bloom effect

GameUP.co registered.

Spent a good chunk of today discussing business plans and frontend choices. There's still a lot to to tonight especially on the frontend side. Maybe a demo coming soon?

02:44 - UI

Bloom effect