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Bringing high quality games to your browser w/ Artillery!

That's right, I'm now a full-time member of the Artillery Team, eager to push the limits of browser gaming farther every day. I've already spent the last 6 months there as a software engineer intern and WebGL afficionado, working on some sweet rendering techniques, shaping up our WebGL renderer and working on Project Atlas.

Project Atlas is a high quality RTS we've been working on with Day[9] that will use the power of HTLM5 and WebGL to provide a top-notch experience through our very own platform!

Today is the day we unveil our first platform video, showcasing what we've been working on so hard for the past months:

I hope you'll enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed working on it and the platform behind it. Stay tuned on Twitter: Mine, Artillery's and Day[9]'s.

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After some e-mail suggestions from my readers, I decided to add a little RSS feed on my blog so you can follow me from your favorite news reader.

Subscribe to the RSS feed via Feedburner.

Subscribe to the RSS feed directly from the XML.

RSS icon courtesy of kyo-tux.

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Moving from Flickr to DeviantART

With my Flickr pro account expiring in a few days, I came to reconsider other alternatives as Flickr feels more and more outdated and poorly designed compared to other websites providing the same kind of services.

To me, Flickr has become more of an "I'll just stock my photos there" service instead of a place where I'd just share my passion with others. This is mostly explained by its lack of a real community and poorly designed UI and navigation in my opinion.

So ?

That is why I've decided to dig up my old DeviantART account, do a little spring cleaning and start using it again.

In the meantime, I'll be using this occasion to test out the 4th version of Lightroom by re-processing some of my older pictures before uploading them to DeviantART again.


Follow this transition on my DeviantART page.
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