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HexGL, playable on Chrome for Android and FirefoxOS!


This has been waiting on HexGL's git repo for too long. Now that WebGL is on by default on Chrome and a few Firefox OS devices are out in the wild, it's time for me to publicly release the mobile version of HexGL!

This edition features a mobile-optimized rendering pipeline, lower resolution assets and touch/motion controls


Play it on your Android or Firefox OS device here via any WebGL-enabled mobile browser!

As for the source code, you can check it out on Github in the dev branch of HexGL's repo.


Please note that this version is highly experimental and might not work at all on certain device.

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Shdr - Online GLSL shader editor, viewer and validator

Today I'm finally releasing Shdr, a side project I've been working on for a few months that has been sitting in my GitHub for a while.

Shdr is an online GLSL (ESSL) shader editor, viewer and validator written in CoffeeScript/WebGL that I decided to code while working on HexGL. Indeed, I've been looking for a tool to help me quickly iterate over shader development and didn't find any that would fit my needs.

Head past after the break for the full release notes, info and screenshots.

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