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Guardians of Atlas - Rendering and Frame Breakdown

For the past few years at Artillery I've had the opportunity to lead the Rendering, Lighting and Post-Processing pipeline on Guardians of Atlas among many other projects. Here’s a quick overview of what a frame looks like in our compositor.

Head past after the break for more details on a couple of my favorite techniques I got to implement in Guardians of Atlas’ engine (warning: big images).

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Bringing high quality games to your browser w/ Artillery!

That's right, I'm now a full-time member of the Artillery Team, eager to push the limits of browser gaming farther every day. I've already spent the last 6 months there as a software engineer intern and WebGL afficionado, working on some sweet rendering techniques, shaping up our WebGL renderer and working on Project Atlas.

Project Atlas is a high quality RTS we've been working on with Day[9] that will use the power of HTLM5 and WebGL to provide a top-notch experience through our very own platform!

Today is the day we unveil our first platform video, showcasing what we've been working on so hard for the past months:

I hope you'll enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed working on it and the platform behind it. Stay tuned on Twitter: Mine, Artillery's and Day[9]'s.

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