Orion is lightweight and fairly low-level. This means that you still have to know your ways with PHP to use it. It is not meant to auto-generate 90% of your code, for that you can use Symfony or any other high-end framework out there.

Orion is meant to ease web development by automating common tasks like URL routing, database requesting and data management. It provides an application skeletton you can quickly start working with, allowing you to directly focus on your code.


You can either download the framework packages directly from the servers or fork it Github.


Written in PHP5.3, this web framework makes good use of the latest additions to the PHP language, such as Namespaces, Late Static Binding and Closures.

It is built around a M(V)C architecture.

It uses a custom ORM which is very lightweight, but any other third-party ORM like Doctrine or Propel can be integrated thanks to abstracted layers.

It comes with the latest version of Smarty, the template engine. Like the ORM layer, the rendering layer can be handled by any other third-party engine.


A basic documentation can be found on the website. This documentation will be updated as I write more of it.

In the meantime, you can always take a look at the PHPdoc.