HexGL is a HTML5/WebGL futuristic racing game I've been working on since early July. It was first supposed to be a small summer project, but considering the amazing amount of good feedback I got after releasing the beta version at the end of August, I decided to continue the development.

Sadly, I'm also starting a new university semester and got an internship to prepare, so features will come slower than before. That is why I'm writing this small article to keep you guys updated with what's coming next to HexGL, and what I'm working on right now!

A new track!

Next HexGL track

First of all, and what I'm currently working on, is a brand new track for HexGL. This track features new gradient and twist challenges, and the overall look and feel is inspired by games close to my heart such as Mirror's edge, Wipeout and Tron.

A new game mode!

Along with this new track will come a new survival game mode, close to what offers the Wipeout Zone mode, but with a fun twist.

This new mode will of course feature its own Hall of Fame so the challenge remains!

A new craft!

This new craft will be designed in association with Joshua E., a talented 3D graphist (more on this soon) and will feature a look and feel similar to the new track.

Audio and BGM!

I know that a lot of people have been asking for audio, and be assured, it's coming.

I'm currently in talk with some talented audio designers and composers to give HexGL the cool electro/trance OST it deserves!

In a distant future...

Now to talk about hypothetic (and probably utopic) features, what I'd like to implement some day:

  • Multiplayer, starting with ghost saving and sharing, and maybe real time racing some day,
  • Procedural and user track generation,
  • New concepts, because while porting existing gameplay that I love to the web is really fun, bringing something entirely new would be amazing.

Have an idea or suggestion? Then leave a comment below :)