I worked on this project for 3 months with 3 other UTBM students: Lauranne Didierjean, Baptiste Aubry and Adrien Mauranyapin.

The goal of this project was to create an openGL jungle engine/viewer from scratch. I was in charge of:

  • The main rendering pipeline (shaders, textures, framebuffers, composers, scenegraph parsing),
  • The post-processing shaders (godrays, bloom, lens flares, FXAA, etc.),
  • The math library,
  • The 3D modelling and texturing.
Bloom effect Godrays effect Lens flares effect Shadows Cascading shadows

Source code

The complete source code, licensed under the MIT license, is available on my github page.

Please note that this code is, and probably will stay undocumented. We decided to share it so anyone could take a look at it, but I would not advise anyone to use it for anything serious.

Interresting shortlinks:

Report (French)

Click here to download the full project report (in French) [PDF].

Demo video

Upcoming articles

Following this release, I may write some tutorials and webGL ports of some of the techniques I implemented in this project. These articles will be listed below as soon as I plublish them.